Happy Sunday All!

Hi All,

I hope your all having a great weekend and a Happy Sunday! I know Doll and I are because it's such a beautiful day outside. I'm sorry I didn't write a post last week because I was having one of those weeks, where you just shake your head...at yourself! And I found myself saying, Really, Connie, Really! As I mentioned a few posts ago, I had a really bad fall and injured my knee which caused a very bad cut. And it's sooo gross! Still is so gross, but it's healing. But still do daily band aids etc but it'll get better over time.

As I write this, Dollie aka Head of security is at her post, just watching, and.....waiting. :)

My retiree at her security post...watching

My retiree at her security post...watching

So I've had a good week, work is fine and I enjoy working with my students. All staff had a one-on-one with our boss, so now I have additional tasks to do by next week which is fine and doable. :) Then my buddy Leon helped me out with a new pic on campus, it's on my About page and that was fun. And of course just hanging out with my family is nice also. And then on Saturday, I was just simply pouring laundry soap out from the large Costco-sized Tide soap box. I set it down, and when I did the flap from the box cuts my leg!!! Seriously! Really! So it's bleeding profusely and I'm trying to stop it, which isn't easy with my meds and the aspirin I take daily. Well now I have another very tiny cut on my left shin! Really, Connie, Really!

By Sunday it still isn't healing properly, so my sister Kerry runs me to Urgent Care at Kaiser. And mind you she's feeling under the weather so she checks in to see a doctor also. What a Saturday! A long story short, my very nice Doctor gave me a stitch and I go back in 10 days. So now we're both feeling better and I was able to give baby a bath this morning. That's baby snoozing after her beauty bath. Then I started searching for the "arm bands" I wear around the house because I bruise so easily. There in the pic below, so getting some of those. And Dolls Aunt Nina bought us some veggie bacon, Ker's a vegetarian and it was a tasty substitute I thought. Thank you again Nina!

My Week Pics.jpeg.jpg

Veggie bacon, pics of arm protectors and baby snoozing after her bath.

Well that's my weekend so far! just finishing this post, And so grateful my sister loves to cook, because dinner in a bit. I've never liked to cook, ever, but I love to eat! LOL!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Enjoy & Get Inspired!