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Wonderful Onyx, Leon (AT Coordinator) demonstrating some new AT software, my glasses that I can't live without, ZoomText and my mag.

Assistive Technology (AT) is Awesome!

I wouldn't be able to do the things I do on a daily basis without it! I've been a ZoomText (magnification software) user for a long time. I can't remember ever not using ZoomText, but I know it wasn't always available. Fortunately, I work on a university campus that takes pride in how their visually-impaired students/staff use assistive technology, by providing an AT lab, training and various presentations throughout the year.  And when I lost the sight in my left-eye and had minimal vision in my right-eye, I was able to continue to work by using the ONYX, which is the best CCTV in my opinion.

On the AT Resource page, I'm going to show the Latest & Greatest that I depend on and what's the newest that you may want to use or just learn about. In my opinion, the Assistive Technology that I'm so fortunate to use has provided me with more independence, fellowship and information that I can provide to other individuals with visual impairments. And I love it when two or more visually impaired people get together, because you immediately begin to compare notes and support and teach each other about what' new.  

Enjoy & get informed!

Recommended resource!!!!

I highly recommend State Tek for all of your Assistive Technology needs! 

State Tek is an Assistive Technology Company, with over 20 years of experience in the field.  State Tek works with individuals with disabilities and veterans. They are ATP Certified, CSUN.

Please call: 

Voice: 951-444-0835
Fax: 1-866-229-5669

Nov 5, 2014

MAGic Presentation 
Magnification Software

I was lucky to attend the presentation by Dusty Voorhees, Senior Product Manager for Freedom Scientific. There was a good crowd, asked great questions and I learned a lot! Really enjoyed it!

Best takeaways:

  • High-definition mouse pointer and cursor options. The best because I'm always wasting my time trying to find the darn cursor.
  • Increased contrast options that help with glare. Much needed.
  • Large print keyboard with high-contrast keys. Love it! I want one!!!!
example of a cursor
picture of contrasting options blue and black
black keyboard with large white keys
Dusty, Connie and Leon

Pictures above top to bottom are from the the MAGic presentation. From top-pointer/cursor options, contrast example, contrasting keyboard and from Left to Right, Dusty Voorhees, Senior Product Manager from Freedom Scientific, Your's truly and Leon McNaught, hosted the presentation. Leon is the Assistive Computing Resource Center Coordinator. 

Enjoy & get educated!