New product from Freedom Scientific and it's Amazing!

Hi All,
Freedom Scientific has a new product out and it will allow the user to feel more independent, confident and empowered, in my humble opinion. I love it!  I loved the ONYX CCTV and it allowed me to keep my job and read again. This product is lightweight and portable. Two features this blogger really loves. 
Enjoy a few pics below (courtesy of Leon McNaught) from the annual CSUN event in San Diego this past March. 
Silver colored and resembles a laptop
Topaz PHD - Folded up & available in 12 or 15 in monitor size
Topaz being opened up to view
Opening up the Topaz PHD
a man's hand turning the knob on the monitor
Selecting one of the various color modes on the monitor
Self-view mode of two men in monitor
Self-view mode (with Leon & Brad Davis, VP of Hardware Freedom Scientific
The Topaz PHD is lightweight and comes in a 12 or 15 inch monitor, lightweight, portable and collapsible. Has up to 30 (on the 15 in) magnification levels and 24 magnification levels (12 in). Please refer to the link below for additional info.

Enjoy & get educated!