New app to help visually impaired navigate Massachusetts Railway System on their own

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Check out this interesting article from my friend Juno regarding a new app to help visually impaired navigate the railway system that was published in the Boston Globe 1/12/2015.

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picture of mass transit bus
New app will help blind navigate MBTA stations
An indoor navigation system will open new doors for the visually impaired

BOSTON — A new app being developed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is meant to help visually impaired people navigate Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) rail stations on their own, The Boston Globe reported.
The MBTA has helped fund the creation of PERCEPT — an indoor navigation system that one day will allow users to make their way through a rail station by listening to step-by-step directions on their smartphones, which lead them to electronic sensors or “tags” throughout the building.Testing of the system is ongoing, but it is hoped that the app could be ready for use in early 2015. Once approved by the MBTA, the app would be free to users. For the full story, Click Here