I love the Ruby XL HD!

Hi All,
I wanted to share with you just how much I love CCTV’s and have had to use them for work and home. I especially love the Ruby XL HD!. CCTV's have been a lifesaver for me, I just wish they weren't so expensive. While at work, I used a CCTV (Onyx) and was able to continue to work because of it, but I also wanted something smaller to use while at home. Leon, a friend of mine whose an Assistive Technology Specialist let me use an older, smaller hand-held CCTV, (8in screen) while at home.  It was amazing but a bit large and cumbersome and it didn't fit so easily in my purse. Then I was allowed to test out the Ruby XL HD, I was very impressed! It's easy to use and it fit easily into my purse or book bag. I felt like myself again! I could read a magazine in a store, look at menu, newspaper etc.

3 pictures of the Ruby XL HD
3 pics of the Ruby XL HD & me using the Ruby  :)

 The Ruby XL HD has a lot of cool features such as
  • 5in widescreen LCD and the Zoom goes from 2x-14x
  • It's very lightweight, about 10.5 oz and a 3 hour battery life
  • Various color modes for contrast
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Captures image to see it better
  • Lift angle for reading 
  • 2 pull-out handle modes for handheld magnification 
The Ruby XL HD has lots of other great features so please check it out when you get a chance. 

Enjoy & get educated!
Happy Sunday!