Ai Squared - ZoomText-Magnification Software

Hi All, 
I can't say enough about ZoomText! It's a screen magnification software created by Ai Squared for people with low vision.  ZoomText has allowed me to work, read again and become a blogger because I wouldn't be able to do what I do without it.  I love it! 

So check out Ai Squared, leader in the assistive technology field for over 20 years! I'm a firm believer because I've been using ZoomText for at least 15 years. Ai Squared offers low vision products so check out their link below and make sure you download a free ZoomText 10 and ZoomText Mac. They offer a  30 or 60 day free trial (depending on the product). Also, they offer ZoomContacts (large-print manager for IOS devices. 
and many other products.

Click on the word Ai Squared (under the two pictures) to get to the link. 

Enjoy & get educated!

Photo of blue box that says ZoomText
ZoomText 10

Ai Squared link