Trying out the new Omnitrans SBX bus

Hi All,
This is a picture from this past April of the new Omnitrans SBX bus that is AWESOME! I was able to preview the bus since it comes on campus and it was really nice.  It can take you around town faster because it has fewer stops.  I certainly have depended on public transportation my whole life, so I know a faster mode of public transportation is needed in our area.  Lack of good, safe and fast public transportation is lacking for many visually-impaired people, but we work with what we have. :)

The machine where you can purchase your bus ticket was in Braille and voice-activated for visually-impaired bus riders. Amazing!
Below are some quick snaps of the bus, I'm on the left and Tami ,my coworker is on the right and a quick shot of the new SBX bus. 

picture of sbX bus parked near the platform waiting for passengers
Picture of myself Connie riding the bus with a friend
Picture of sbX ticket box to swipe bus pass or ticket
Picture of sbX bus parked at bus drop off or pick up station