Simplify your life, it's so worth it!

Hi All,

Happy Sunday!

When I tell people I’m a minimalist and I love decluttering, they usually say, “Oh, that’s cool, or why?” and that’s my favorite response. Whichever term one likes to use, minimalizing or simplifying, either takes you down the same path…to freedom and less stress. I find that when I simplify, I live a more intentional life. Simplifying has allowed me to choose how I spend my time and money. No longer am I overwhelmed by my stuff, my possessions, or the burden of maintaining all of my stuff. And I’m not saying owning things is a bad thing, not by a long shot. For me, it’s less stressful. For my life, I’m choosing to take a less stressful path, a path where I put my goals and dreams first over stuff. And every aspect of my life has been impacted and improved by my desire to simplify my life. To relax and just breathe. And that's why I love any picture with a water view, such as the one below. It allows me to look at something that makes me happy and peaceful.

Just a very relaxing and beautiful picture of water and greenery.

Just a very relaxing and beautiful picture of water and greenery.

And this journey began just a few years ago, some time after I started watching all the Tiny House shows. I just love the whole tiny house movement! Once I began reading up on the tiny house movement, minimalism and just decluttering ones life in general, I began to work towards that goal as well. Just to simplify. I wanted to be more intentional with how I spend my time, money and how I can decrease the stress in my life.

I didn’t realize how my things were weighing me down, and that most of my free time was spent doing laundry, cleaning, shopping for stuff I really didn’t need, nor want. I wanted to do what I wanted. Not manage my stuff with my free time. It's supposed to be MY weekend after all! I wanted to do what I wanted! So it occurred to me, less stuff equals less stress, and less to maintain and manage. And everyone I read about that was downsizing, minimalizing or simplifying seemed much happier. Truly happier!

That’s why I want to live a more intentional path. Not only have I gotten rid of half my closet, but a lot of other belongings that were really just weighing me down. I now also only spend time with people that I truly care about. That encourage me and make me happy. Time is so valuable. Next to your health, time is the most important thing. That's why I've also chosen not to spend any more of my time with people who drain my energy, who are negative and leave me regretting how I spent that time, time I can never get back. And that's why I've been working on my goals, and some have come true, such as improving my blog, losing weight, spending more time on my plans and enjoying the simple things in life. Some of my loves are of course my baby Dollie, blogging, brownies, family and friends, my fave color pink and sunflowers just to name a few. So I hope you all just think about what I'm saying and try it out, just declutter a little bit. Just one step at a time, and I truly believe it will help your stress level and you'll be happier.

Enjoy & Get Informed!