You have a voice, so please use it!

Hi All, 

Happy Monday! I was trying to do a post yesterday but my wireless network/router was in a mood.  So, I’m writing it for you today. I wanted to talk about ones “voice” and that I would strongly encourage you to use your voice. In my opinion, it’s never too late and everyone has something to say. But because I’m encouraging you to use your voice, that doesn’t necessarily mean you must disclose something deep, intense or very private. You can do that as well, absolutely! But I’m actually referring to your “everyday voice”, if you will. I’m talking about the daily moments when you wish you had said something, when you felt like paying someone a compliment and hesitated, or you’ve been asked to do something but it’s extremely inconvenient for you, but you do it anyways. That “everyday voice”. Your voice!

Picture of a mountain with a quote over it.

Picture of a mountain with a quote over it.

For example, because I talk about disability, I’m going to put what I’m referring to in that context. I was scheduling a referral for a student of mine. Now, I know this student doesn’t drive, takes the bus, actually with three transfers. We had discussed it, and I had the staff from that department on speaker with the student. Previously, she stated what days she would be on campus and what would work best for her. Now, I know she’s shy, so we practiced on how best to respond. She was provided a date, but a date that she would not work well for her at all. There would be no reason to even use the bus that day. Well, unfortunately, she immediately agreed to that date/time. I kindly put that person on hold and inquired why she agreed when obviously she would not be commuting to class that day. Her response was, “But I should just say yes, because I don’t want to appear disagreeable”. Now, mind you, this is a very polite and kind young lady. But me being me, I had to enlighten her, if you will.

I informed the staff member we’d call back soon once we have looked at her schedule. My student gave me a guilty look and apologized to me. Nothing to apologize for! But as we discussed the date/time, she realized how inconvenienced she would be by accepting that appointment without taking a moment to really think it over. Once she picked a few good date/times, we called back, informed the staff member another date would be better and she was very nice about it all. I had encouraged the student to speak to the staff member, reassured her she doesn’t bite and she did great! And she was so proud of herself for speaking up and realizing there was absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up. Nothing wrong with using your voice.

That’s why I have always tried to speak up about the little things, the little inconveniences, or just using your voice to be kind to someone. Because I strongly believe the more you become more comfortable with your own voice, the more you are giving yourself permission to empower yourself to use your voice and speak up. And one’s voice is also using one’s words, so please use your voice. Words are such a gift!

Enjoy & Get Inspired!