Tip #2 - Please Don't State Your Disability On Your Resume or Cover Letter

Article By Dollie Jones, Father's Day, 6/19/2016

Hi All,

Happy Father's Day!

I'm back to help you all with Tip #2 regarding where, or where not, to disclose your disability.

Is your resume or cover letter the best or appropriate place to self-disclose your disability. That was a question asked of me once, and it’s a great question, and my answer has always been to not add it to either place. Because your resume should be like any potential employee’s resume; about your education, employment experience and qualifications. Now, if you’re looking at a specific disability-focused job site and adding your resume, then yes, they will naturally assume you may have a disability, but not the type nor severity.

However, if you will need an accommodation to apply for a potential job, you will need to disclose your disability at some point during the employment process. But you only have to disclose the type of disability you have in order to request an accommodation. For example, during the pre-job interview process, if you have a visual impairment, you would need to let the potential employer know, so they could provide you with a large print copy of the materials they may need you to use during your interview. Another example of disclosure of your disability is during the post-job phase. If you have a visual impairment, you would have to disclose your disability so your employer would be obligated to provide you with a large print employee handbook, screen reader software, front-row seating and large print materials at an office training etc.  But you are not obliged to tell your employer the exact cause or diagnosis in regards to your visual impairment.

So, next week, I’ll continue with when is the best time to disclose your disability, but I assure you, it is not during the application process.

Enjoy & Get Informed!