Employment and Other Job-Related Tidbits

Hi All,

I hope you're all having a Happy Sunday!

Recently, I've been receiving a lot of questions about employment and my thoughts on how to get a job if you have a visual impairment. Welll! You know I have lots to say on that topic! :) Only because, I, too, worked so hard to get a job, and I'm so fortunate to have had my current job as Physical/Visual Counselor for 10 Years this year!

But I didn't always have this job and I had a few interesting jobs a long the way. You know what I mean?! Seriously! And I'm not lyin' when I say it was very difficult to do some of those jobs with a visual impairment.

But I have found that there are definitely some things you can do to be better prepared. And so I'm going to start adding some posts about employment issues to get the ball rollin' on some of my best tips and your feedback and tips as well.

Yes it sounds like an eye-roller, but it's soooo true. People can sense if you do not have your act together. If you didn't take time to confirm the location (my personal favorite), and yes, it happens.  Which Macaroni Grill? Oh, the one on the East side..? Oh I though you meant the one on the West side?!

When I worked as the Transition Specialist for The Department of Rehabilitation's WorkAbility Program for a year, I heard all kinds of things. But I've always said it and I stand by it...being Prepared leads to Confidence!

Do you know your resume inside and out?, Will you need accommodations during your interview? Do you know how to talk about the accommodations you'll need to do your job? Do you know which Assistive Technology you'll need to request to do your job? Do you know if your being asked an illegal employment question during your interview?

Answers to theses questions and more will do wonders to boost your confidence during the Pre & Post interview process.

So, I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend and to enjoy the quote my sister Cat sent me. Thanks Cat!

Enjoy & Get Informed!