His dream of sight comes true! Legally blind 5th grade boy sees mom for first time!

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Wait till you here this one from my friend Tami! Wow! I love technology for this very reason! 

By Avianne Tan, 4/28/2016.

Christopher Ward, Jr who is 12 years old has been legally blind his entire life because he was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, which means his optic nerve was not fully developed before birth. Christopher was never able to see his mother until he tried the eSight electronic glasses. Amazing! 

Christopher Ward, Jr and his mother

Christopher Ward, Jr and his mother

Christopher and his mother went to Washington, D.C. in April so Christopher could try eSight's electronic glasses. eSight's hand-free headset contains a small, high-speed camera that captures live video which is sent to a LED screen in front of the user's eyes. Thank you eSight!

Currently, his mother, Marquita Hackey is raising money for the $15,000 cost believing the technology will change her son's life and give him more opportunities. Although Christopher uses a braille reader and writer to communicate, his mother feels this device would help him read and write print and get to stay in more regular classes.  His mother could not believe that Christopher was able to see her for the first time but thanks to these amazing and life-changing glasses, he was able to see his mom. 

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