NuEyes is empowering your vision! And I want one!

That's their slogan, and after I tried on the NuEyes smart glasses, I agreed!. I was recently at their demonstration on campus, and once I tried the smart glasses on, I was blown away! I was able to read a flyer and not hold it to my nose, and I had the ability to increase the magnification to my comfort level which ranged from 1x-12x. And just think, I was told the user would be able to watch TV and not have to sit so close to the screen! And for me the magnification depends on what I'm reading so its so nice to have such a magnification range. And the glasses were comfy and easily came on and off, one just has to take the glasses off by the I was informed by Justin Moore, Co-Founder of NuEyes. Here's a pic of yours truly trying them on. 

I'm checking out the NuEyes smart glasses for myself

I'm checking out the NuEyes smart glasses for myself

Some of the features of the smart glasses are as variable magnification from 1x-12x, various contrast and color changes, voice activated, wireless, lightweight design, 2 year warranty, text-to-speech (OCR) - coming soon**
stream TV and movies to the glasses -coming soon**

Justin presented the NuEyes demo and he has such an easy manner that it made me feel comfortable to ask a lot of questions and wear them long enough to really form an opinion. I also used the NuEyes while at a computer, and honestly that was pretty amazing! I could enlarge the screens content and all of it could be enlarged just by clicking on the glasses, a bluetooth controller or your voice.  Also in attendance was Catherine Elvester from So Cal Low Vision, who participated in the NuEyes demo along with other campus attendees.

It's pretty amazing how independent I felt wearing those smart glasses. Because for me, it was like having a magnification software and a CCTV all in one. I would imagine if one had a pair, you could sit and read and not have to use your glasses and magnifier at the same time like I currently need to do to read. Make no mistake, I'm not complaining at all, and I'm so lucky to be able to see with my glasses and mag. However, when new technology comes on the scene, and I have the opportunity to try it out...oh Heck ya! I'm all for the convenience and independence that technology provides.

If my visually-impaired students had one, it would eliminate notetakers and they could see the board and take their own notes! How amazing would that be! I so would have loved to see the board when I was in school, and would have been able to take my own notes if I had the glasses back then. Just a dream back then, but not anymore!

I left the demo such a fan, and hoping the campus buys one. However, the cost is prohibitive at $5995, but it is a computer that allows for convenience, independence and you can't put a price on that. I really loved the glasses but I'll just have to admire them from afar.

But it is an option for the Department of Rehabilitation's clients, schools and people who are able to purchase the smart glasses. One of many tech miracles that are at the forefront changing the lives of people with visual impairments. I absolutely loved them! 

Enjoy & Get Informed!


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