Ollie Cantos is Amazing!

by Caitlin Keating, 4/28/2016


Ollie Cantos standing at the podium

Ollie Cantos standing at the podium

In 2010, Ollie Cantos, a lawyer for the U.S. Department of Education in Washington D. C. was excited to mentor 10 year old triplet brothers, who, like Cantos, all were born blind. All three boys, Nick, Steven and Leo were born with retinopathy of prematurity, a disease that occurs in preemies and causes blindness. Cantos was also born with the same condition.

Cantos heard about the three brothers from a friend at church and the following week he met the boys. Cantos was told the brothers had it rough and had never met someone else who was blind. There was an instant connection between Cantos and the brothers.

Three brothers with Cantos

Three brothers with Cantos

Now 16, the brothers said they rarely left their house, were bullied at school and church. It was so difficult at times, Steven considered suicide. Soon, Cantos adopted all three boys and shares custody with the boys' mother. The boys live with Cantos on the weekend, and with their mother during the week. Cantos said he sees the boys daily and takes 2 buses to do it.

A GoFundMe Page was opened to help with college tuition. If you would like to donate, please click below.


Although Cantos shared the brothers' experiences of being bullied at school. Cantos has such an amazing attitude, and he has taught the brothers everyday tasks, and to not give up on their dreams or let their disability get in their way.  

If you'd like learn more about Ollie Cantos and his three boys, please check out youtube.com or their Facebook page below. 






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