This is so powerful!

Hi All,

5 year old Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Myers is a little girl from the U.S. who's parents created a 'visual bucket list' so she would have wonderful memories to recall when she eventually losses her sight to a genetic disorder. Last week, Lizzy and her parents meet Pope Francis at the Vatican! As we all do, they are hoping for a miracle, what parent wouldn't be. It was a wonderful visit. Please click on the video below.

In addition to seeing Pope Francis, Lizzy was also able to look through a large telescope to see the stars and moon, see a rainbow, feed the animals at a farm and many other things her parents are hoping she'll get to see and enjoy before the she loses her sight. Lizzy already wears a hearing aid and due to a rare genetic disorder called Usher Syndrome Type 2, Lizzy has suffered some hearing loss and potentially her sight in a few years. I was so glad my brother Dale shared this with me so I could share this amazing story with you. Thank you Dale!

Enjoy & Get Informed!