I was meant to do this!

Hi All, 

I'm back....and more inspired then ever to keep So I'm Legally Blind as a resource for individuals with visual impairments. I've received wonderful feedback from people regarding my blog and how helpful this site has been. And I must say I've missed my readers and sharing stories of individuals who inspire, encourage and impress me and the readers of So I'm Legally Blind. 

I'm happy to share with you that the past three months are now finally behind me...because it's been a rough couple of months, to say the least. Have you ever felt something, a medical procedure, a surgery, a huge exam etc needs to get behind you before you feel you can ever move forward? And until you get that done, you can't 'move on' to the next thing? It's like life stops until it's done. 

I've felt that way since my mom went to see my Daddy in January. Just blah...I went to work, took care of the Queen aka Dollie and handled all of my regular responsibilities, but still blah. I did a blog post for Valentine's Day and nothing since now. And I missed it, I really did.

However, as I've been thinking about how to improve So, I'm Legally Blind, I've still been enjoying some of my favorite things. 


I want to keep improving my website/blog because I love blogging, informing and encouraging people with visual impairments. Well, as my mom used to say, "always expect the unexpected"

In February my right eye started to hurt, no idea why, but scared none the less. Urgent Care said it's a sty, warm rag and off you go...or so I thought. Well the "sty" led to a staph infection, to three more doctors, to an eye surgeon, and finally to an eye surgery to drain the infection!!!!  Really?? Seriously??? After all I've been through with my beautiful blue peepers! 

After the eye surgery, my brother Dale said, "You look like Rocky Balboa", and I felt like him! But my eye finally began to heal, an ointment 2x a day and I saw the surgeon last Monday. I feel much better, but I was still worried because that wasn't the thing I needed to get behind me.  

In January, I was scheduled for a medical procedure, I've had it before, maybe 3 or 4 times now, but I just wanted it done SO bad! It's a pretty straight-forward procedure, I'm even asleep throughout the procedure....but I needed it to be OVER. Well, it is now and all is right with world! Now, I can finally move on. 

It's now April, and I have big plans for So, I'm Legally Blind. I finally found a web designer who will improve the flow of my website and make life much easier for me. Dollie thanks you Ed! The redesign will begin in May and once that's done, I can spend more of my non-work hours writing, providing resources, ebooks, guest interviews and bios (thank you for your patience Rosie and James) and all the other things I've been wanting to do to make So, I'm Legally Blind an essential resource for individuals with visual impairments.  

Enjoy & Get Informed! 


As always, I'd love to hear from you and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.