Happy Valentine's Day!!!! A quick share about Amelia...just Amazing!

By Avianne Tan, 2/12/16-Good Morning America

Hi All,

Thanks to my brother Dale for sharing this awesome story with me and now I can share an uplifting quick note about Amelia. Amelia is a typical second-grader from Seattle who came to school last Friday and passed out Valentine's Day cards just like all kids do, but Amelia just happens to be blind. And with a Perkins Brailler, brailled a Valentine's Day card for each of her classmates!

Amelia is so amazing and I think Amelia's parents have given her the best gift ever! Yes,she's blind, but Amelia is just like every other second-grader celebrating Valentine's Day by passing out Valentines's Day cards to her classmates! She made home-made cards just like all kids do, but with a very realistic and creative twist! 

Great Job Amelia!!! Go Mom and Dad!!! Nothing like having the support of your parents!!!

Enjoy & Get Informed!


For the full story, please check out the clip below.