Update! I love progress!

In June, I shared with you that I had suffered a stroke and so I wanted to let you know I'm doing much better!  I've had and continue to have physical & speech therapy and boy...has my attitude changed! My job can be stressful, my work environment difficult and my mom has been in hospice for over a year! But everyone has crosses their carrying, but now it's time for me to take care of myself!

I'm now eating better, exercising and putting an "At Lunch" sign up and blocking the window in my office so people can't knock all day long for help! Yes, I like to help my coworkers...but enough is enough! So, my attitude has changed in a way that is now benefiting me (and Dollie) and not automatically everyone else! And that's why I love working on my blog/website!

Left-right-Doing my hand exercises,  lunch Sign & pictures, this makes me laugh & my blog!

I've had to take a bit of a break due to all of my doctors appointments and the stroke caused some sensory damage in my left hand. I can't feel anything in my left hand yet nor the left side of my face....not yet anyways! However, I'm staying positive and getting back to working on my blog, which I really love!

So, please be patient while I add new & interesting things to So, I'm Legally Blind!

Enjoy & get informed!